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Golf gets you going

3 Jan

Sunday was New Year’s Day. I started my year by teeing off early with my golf buddies. Cold weather but warm-hearted friends. I should have blessed every minute. But then something got to me. Either my inability to hit the ball nicely, or the cold itself, or the New Year well-wishers. They may have just tipped me over the brink into thinking “What the hell am I doing here?”

I found myself welling up with tears that I couldn’t hold back. My golf partners of the day, two doctors and a dentist, couldn’t stop me.

In retrospect, I try thinking through what caused the collapse. It happened moments after I scored a very nice par on the 7th. Was I contemplating a few “if only” scenarios – like soon to be emulating Tiger Woods? No. I have no pretensions to any of part of his persona. Was I considering moving up a golfing notch into some Masters competition? No. Life for me is not about a “journey” – or moving in as direct a line as possible from one goal to the next. Life for me is a cycle. Sometimes you’re on the up – and sometimes on the way down. The art is to know exactly where you are on the circle – and in particular whether you’ve started the downward drop. This was going through my mind on the 7th. A thought that keeps recurring when I least expect it. This time I wasn’t prepared.  

My buddies literally picked me up – and suggested we call it a day. I refused. I tried to explain that it’s their care and friendship that keeps me going.

Thank you,Harvey, Karl, Marcus and Robert for being amazing friends.

Let’s hope that next New Year’s Day we’ll all score more pars!