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Charity Begins at Home

30 Mar

This is the season when our junk snail-mail is swollen by charities silently seeking our shekels. Some of them are familiar sounding names – although I’d be hard pushed to write a few lines about them, let alone who actually benefits. And then the accountant in me arouses the question: “What percentage of their income goes on expenses?”

But this year I look at the bundle in a different light – especially the one from The Cancer Society. For some reason I have a greater feeling for philanthropy. Although many appeals have been sent anonymously, there are one or two with hand-written comments about how generous I’ve been in previous years. Except that those years seem to be in a different world and in today’s world of rising prices my contribution seems meager indeed.

So what am I to do? I read through The Cancer Society’s small print and check out the boxes. The number “18” – the Hebrew acronym for “Life” – still holds its magic. Except 18 is no longer there – a sign of the times how “Life” has aged for inflation – and the amounts multiplied. Then there are boxes for your choice as to where the money should be spent: research, child care, literature, etc, etc.

My thoughts turn to who actually sends out these notices: well meaning volunteers, underpaid workers or students who get paid nothing other than a percentage of what they bring in? I think no more. I get my pen out and sign away an amount for each and all. I’m happy.

Then the phone rings – one of those unsolicited phone calls – a different charity canvassing for my contribution. I tell them I’ve just signed away this season’s allocation but ask them to put me down for their New Year campaign.

Always look on the bright side…