The Pen Gets Lighter

31 Jul

My pen has rested heavily recently. I’ve avoided the temptation to put it to paper even though I could’ve told you “No news is good news”. But today changes are afoot.

Today, I changed my hospital, changed my oncologist and changed my protocol. Is something dramatic going on? I think not. Faithful followers will know that my move from Tel Hashomer to Ichilov was not exactly clear cut. I followed my oncologist to whom I have so much to be grateful. Today I changed back to Tel Hashomer. And the change of protocol is a tactic I’ve been recommended to follow for a long time.

Oncology is not an exact science. Far from it. It’s an on-going experiment and I’d love to be around long enough to see how the story unfolds. It’s developing at quite a pace. But unlike the Olympics – there’s no way to measure progress. The individual or team that crosses the line first in finding the elusive cure for cancer will deserve more than gold.

I’m no betting man but my new oncologist seems sure that the elusive Parps are the direction to follow. I’m waiting patiently. No-one will be more relieved to see me on the Parps than Pam. No wonder. The concept that a capsule can replace chemo without any side-effects is cheering indeed. But I have to keep things in perspective.

In the meantime I changed to Mytomycine C – a monthly chemo supplemented by Xeloda. Capsules swallowed daily at my own convenience in the comfort of my home. A Mytomycine infusion in 45 minutes instead of four hours plus of my previous treatments. It’s almost like a marathon runner moving down to middle distance. A walk in the park for me. I’m finding it hard to come to terms that my weekly visit to hospital could now become a monthly affair.

Strange going back to Tel Hashomer. Not exactly re-connecting with an old friend. Nor is it a game. Although it takes an Olympian effort to keep up the challenge.

3 Responses to “The Pen Gets Lighter”

  1. Felicity at 8:53 pm #

    and you earn a medal each day!

  2. Tracy Cohen at 5:20 am #

    I’m scared to say that sounds encouraging but it sure sounds a whole lot easier. Thinking of you both, as always.


    And I agree with Felicity!

  3. Angie & Albert at 12:35 pm #

    Welcome back I missed you!

    Yes indeed medical progress is moving at a fantastic rate and aren’t we lucky that we live in countries that enable us to avail ourselves of it.
    There is even a daily tablet that has replaced injections of Beta Interferon for MS, Too late for Albert, alas, but fantastic news for newly diagnosed sufferers.

    Enjoy the luxury of you and Pam not having to battle the Tel Aviv traffic and I also ditto Felicity’s comment – only I’d add that you both deserve Gold!!

    Lots of love.
    Moi et lui xxxx

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