Back in Business?

10 Jul

I’ve been back more than a week from the most enjoyable holiday in South Africa. And since then I’ve had two treatments – but pen just doesn’t seem drawn to paper. By keeping this blog solely to the subject of fighting pancreatic cancer, I’ve tip-toed round the temptation of sharing the SA superlatives with you.

I’ve always believed that if there’s nothing worth saying – don’t say anything at all. I’d like to update you on what’s new – but nothing is coming easily at the moment. There’s lots in the pipeline. Firstly, there was a fascinating documentary programme  on TV last week about Hanan Elraz,  a local researcher. The clip is in Hebrew only and shows how this enterprising individual may have come up with another discovery – a herbal cure for cancer. Apparently, according to the TV programme, he’s been accredited internationally with a couple of other discoveries in other fields. He maintains you have to go back to nature and has come up with a natural “potion”. He recently reached the headlines because of his success in treating two high-profile cancer sufferers (type of cancer not mentioned). The two were both close to giving up all treatment and hope. They are now in “remission”. In the programme, Elraz made it clear he’s not looking for more guinea pigs at the moment. He’s looking for an (Israeli) hospital to take his “potion” and research it independently. The link is .

The second development is in the field of nuclear medicine. Apparently Dr Adi Dahan, of the Nahal Soreq Nuclear Medical Research Facility, is having some sort of breakthrough research for pancreatic cancer, with a product called 177 Lu Dota Tate.  Apparently, DOTA-TATE, DOTATATE or DOTA-octreotate is a substance which, when bound to various radionuclides, has been tested for the treatment and diagnosis of certain types of cancer, mainly neuroendocrine tumours. It directs radioactivity into the tumour. It has supposedly just become available in North America in Houston on clinical trial.  I’m following it up, but have yet to make contact with Dr Dahan. Any help or knowledge on the subject out there?

And finally, we are still hopeful that at some point I’ll get onto the Parp Inhibitors. But trial details inIsrael (not to mention timetable) haven’t been published.

So am I back in business? I’m still on Gemzar and Abraxane but the usual side effects seem to be peaking at higher up-sides but lower down-sides. The so satisfying trip to SA on the up-side, but continuing hair-loss and other nasties on the other.

Today, really close friends are coming from overseas to stay – so the fight has to continue. 



2 Responses to “Back in Business?”

  1. Angie & Albert July 11, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    Every day brings its own triumphs and challenges and you’re taking them all like a champ! Love you and keep fighting xxxxx

  2. Rutie Oren July 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Martin I think you can do your own book launching -you express yourself beautifully and wanted to let you know that I ,along with all the Lions of Judah Israel, are sending you strength and prayers ,we love you and are thankful that you have Pam who we know is all the time helping you charge the battery! Thank you for your amazing help with the Lions! Keep it up!

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