A Real Dilemma

20 May

This time last week I wrote about my so-called dilemma of following my oncologist from Tel Hashomer to Ichilov (from a spralling hosiptal in a Tel Aviv suburb to a tower-block hospital in the city centre). Well, my week went past without much to report. A “break” week which, unfortunately, was interrupted by the need to have our first meeting with Dr Wolf in his new rooms. The meeting itself was pleasant enough, but we did encounter the all too-foreseeable administrative hiccoughs. I perceive that today’s lack of working norms is responsible; something that would “never” have happened in the good-old days/old country. But that’s not the story of the week.

I mentioned to Dr Wolf that I’d heard of a new treatment being administered by a Dr Sela at Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre in Tzrifin, near Rishon Lezion. The treatment is a new a Phase 2 clinical trial of an anti-angiogenic product called TL-118.

TL-118 was previously tested in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer. In pre-clinical trials, TL-118 monotherapy has been shown to inhibit tumour growth significantly, compared to the standard-of-care chemotherapy.

TL-118 inhibits new blood vessel formations in tumours and thus inhibits their blood supply and growth. TL-118 is an oral solution administered once daily and comprises a combination of agents that target different, non-overlapping aspects of the angiogenic process.

Here’s a link to a recent press release:


Sounds simple. But how does one know whether one trial is better than any other? I’ve been waiting for the Parp Inhibitors – and up pops Tiltan. Is this another option? Dr Wolf tells me that there is no conclusive evidence yet that allows him to form an opinion – other than the trial is moving the new product forward.

Joining any trial is a real dilemma – I’m not there yet.

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