Is Change As Good As A Rest?

27 Apr

Monday was probably my last monthly meeting at Tel Hashomer with my oncologist, Dr Ido Wolf. The month before he informed us he was leaving for the largest hospital in Tel Aviv, Ichilov. A bombshell for us, possibly not less of a surprise for Tel Hashomer. Either way – a problem.

So when most other Israelis were touring the length and breadth of the country for their Passover holiday outing, our sight-seeing was the oncology department in Tel Aviv. The tenth floor of the new Ted Arison tower block. New building, beautiful interior design and staggering views of the Mediterranean– especially from the “recreation” room.  A well-appointed lounge with library, computer terminals and comfortable couches. They need it. The wait could be worrying. And so to the problems. Is the devil you know better than the devil you don’t? We “grew up” at Tel Hashomer, know the ropes and the nurturing nursing staff. Eighteen months later we’re still hanging in together. Their new Head of Department hasn’t even been named. My natural choice, a wonderful young doctor in the department, announced that she too is departing soon – for a Sabbatical in The States. 

But do we need change at this time of my roller-coaster life? Administrative adjustments, parking permits to purloin, new nursing staff and the tortuous traffic in and out of the never-sleeping city? All to stay with our oncologist. When our local hospital, with a reasonable reputation, is walking distance away. While Dr Bill Isacoff in UCLA and my brother-in-law, Keith are still helping us call the shots. Will we find someone else as accommodating and willing as Wolf? His interest for us to join him was certainly inviting.

Our insight of Ichilov is improved by a chance meeting with the Head Nurse, Bruria. So professional and patient. But she does warn us about waiting. “We work under pressure. Place is at a premium”. Not always a bed available. In fact, unlike Tel Hashomer, they don’t have beds in private cubicles, but comfy couches. Is this difference defining?

Our difficult decisions used to be whether to go to Denmark or Dubrovnik. We’re certainly in a different ball-game now.



One Response to “Is Change As Good As A Rest?”

  1. Felicity April 27, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    I meant to wish you chag sameach for yesterday but apparently the real date’s today so..I’m not late. I hope you celebrated in some lovely way. I loved your blog on that!

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