Lots to Celebrate

5 Apr

I have lots to celebrate. First of all, the holiday season is upon us again. Passover coincides with Easter – and whatever your persuasion – enjoy.

I must say that I had doubts that I would participate in last year’s Seder. This year I just feel blessed. And a great part of my good feeling – psychologically, if not always physically – is realizing how kind people are to me. The kindness manifests itself in so many ways. There are those who phone or e-mail. Those who take the trouble to bring me succulents that go directly to my stomach – and instantly help my well-being. I’ve been brought cheeses – even been charmed by home-made camembert. And biltong and berries. And meats and meals all made with ketogenic care. Food for thought indeed.

Kindness takes the cake. There have been so many examples – yesterday there was another one. A friend actually went to the trouble of contacting one of my life-time likes – West Ham United Football Club – and he was rewarded with an autographed photo of the players and an accompanying letter. These, he brought round in a surprise visit which caught me in a complete quandary. Abraxane had laid me low. Two days after my second treatment I’d “hit the wall” and I didn’t think myself capable of getting out of bed. Pam would have been perfectly capable of explaining my incapacity – and my visitor is too much of a gentleman to be intrusive.

Kindness is a therapy in a class of its own. I popped a Percocet[1] to relieve myself of some pain – and then was uplifted by the double act of kindness. Visits are so nice – but when so many of you are so thoughtful and so caring, I feel it is you who are carrying me through this ordeal.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the same kindnesses before. Only this time the blog allows to me to cyberspace my thanks.

I’m still not on Facebook  – because there’s no substitute for “face to face”.

Happy Holidays to you all.     



[1] Percocet is a prescription drug. It’s a Paracetamol with Oxycodone, an opiate analgesic. It’s a local drug manufactured by Taro Pharmaceutical Industries,Haifa.

One Response to “Lots to Celebrate”

  1. Debbie Fishel April 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    Always thinking of you Martin and your wonderful supportive family. We read your blogs and are in awe as to your positive attitude to life.
    Can’t wait to go out together in August in Israel.
    with love Debbie and Philip

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