Canada – Seeing is Believing

29 Feb

From comments I received recently there seems to be an equal number who claim to have followed my progress in Canada as those who don’t seem to know why I went and whether I’ve returned.

To make things clear – I’m now back safely in the Holy Land. To those who thought I went on holiday, well, I certainly had a holiday. But the purpose of the trip was to accompany Pam on her reincarnated book launch “For the Love of God and Virgins” – see . The book is available through Amazon, Kindle and the publisher, Mantua Books  . It is now also available at Chapters in Canada and at Steimatzky in Israel. The original tour was scheduled for exactly a year ago but was postponed because of my illness.

I always say that seeing is believing – so take a look for yourself: Here are three parts to a television interview Pam had in Toronto with Doris Epstein of MenschlifeTV. The programme is schedule to be broadcast coast to coast in the United States before the end of March.

“For The Love Of God and Virgins” (“FLOGAV”)

FLOGAV – Part 1: William Shakespeare is buried in Jerusalem

FLOGAV – Part 2: Israel and Apartheid

FLOGAV – Part 3: The Media and Reality

How can I begin to thank Lewis Manne, of ZAP PRODUCTIONS LIMITED for the filming? Lewis stepped in right at the very last second and offered to take on the job without making any professional compromises. Nothing was a problem for him – just pure and utter dedication from a special man. He just upped and rallied to our call in a sense of volunteering and love rarely seen today. Most importantly, he is supported in every sense by Wendy – not only his wife but professional partner. You can check them out on their website  or contact him by email at .

For those who think that hearing is believing, then listen to Pam’s radio interview with Zelda Young of CHIN Radio. The interview was broadcast live last Sunday, 20th February.

If you wonder what any of the above has to do with pancreatic cancer… I wouldn’t be here to tell you without Pam’s full time support.

4 Responses to “Canada – Seeing is Believing”

  1. mike attinson February 29, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    I did understand why you were in Canada. Kol hakvod Pam. I am embarrassed that I have left “David” in Gaza and haven’t even inquired as to his wellbeing!

  2. Patrick Jehle March 5, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    Hello, I have a friend who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (among other cancers). Would you be willing to correspond with him about your experience with the ketogenic diet? I have told him about the work of Thomas Seyfried at Boston College, but Seyfried’s work focuses primarily on brain cancer. It might be good to hear from someone who appears to be having success with the treatment (among other treatments, I know) and who knows what’s it’s like to live on the diet. Please feel free to email me at your earliest convenience. I wish you continued success and the best of health. Patrick Jehle

    Hi Patrick,
    Helping fellow cancer suffers is really the aim of my blog – so I’ll be happy to try and answer your friend questions

  3. Ronnie March 5, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Despite the fact that I am not a blog reader I am pleased to say that I have read yours. My curiosity as to why you travelled to Canada got to me and I obviously missed you on Tuesdays. You certainly have a wife to be proud of. Regards Ronnie

  4. angiemaus March 9, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Bravo Pam!
    Such a kvell that I posted your Videos on my Facebook Page!

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