Conclusions in Canada

22 Feb

As Pam’s tour comes to a close, I find it difficult to come to a conclusion about my cancer experience in Canada. Perhaps allowing myself to believe that this is a “developing story” is the best outcome.

The fact that I was able to accompany Pam – and not impede any of her activities – was pure magic for me. And like her book tour, I would like to think that opportunities are opening up, new contacts have been made and there’s plenty to be done.

The “Canada Cancer Experience” was not to be. I’ve blogged about that; my blood count came up short at an inopportune moment – which may have been a blessing in disguise. Two treatments would have probably been two too many and too ambitious by far. Who knows? I just have to keep pushing forward.

Meeting my guardian angel, Agi, was a highlight – and like life itself, who knows where this new-found friendship will lead.

Then there’s always the quirks and curios. I met a couple of people who told me I looked so much better than they expected. On the face of it that sounds nice – so I thanked them. But what sort of face were they actually expecting? Then there was the waiter in the restaurant last night – very professional and polite. We told him I was on the ketogenic diet. Like so many other restauranteurs he took great pains to be sympathetic to my dietary requirements. But with his knowledge came a certain look – further illustrated by the exaggerated, quizzical way he wished me well and hoped I’d be back. He even gave me a bottle of spices – a farewell present?

And talking of presents – I bought myself one (or two) and managed to surprise the wife… I went to “hellandgone” to buy a new golf bag, golf shoes and gloves. Wow, said an amazed Pam… as she wished me many long seasons ahead. The real surprise was the sales assistant. Married to a kibbutznik, former kibbutznik himself with a haredi brother in near Modi’in…

Am Isra’el chi… 

One Response to “Conclusions in Canada”

  1. sara February 23, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    great to hear you haven’t lost your sense of humor! and even better to know that you indulged yourself in a shopping spree – what a fantastic thing to do and epitomises your optimism and determination.
    so all i can wish you is to wear those shoes till they go thin in the sole and I promise (here in cyberspace with your readers as witnesses) that the next pair of golf shoes is on me!
    travel safe and see you soon
    love the nochmovitzs

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