The Impossible Dream

15 Feb

Before I got sick I used to dream of playing golf on courses round the world. I’m not one of those people who need “separate” holidays – far from it. Pam was prepared to put up with being my caddy on the rare occasions golf fitted into our travel plans. That dream replaced my boyhood one of years ago in the days when Weeks, Worrell and Walcott [22] were West Indian sporting legends. Cricket was my craving and the Caribbean the epicenter of my world.

How life turns one upside down. A couple of postings ago I touched on the problem of treatments. My decision to go to Canada was partially based on Keith’s ability to set up treatments in Vancouver and Toronto. Yesterday Keith took me to Lions Gate Hospital for a treatment. Was my golf dream being replaced by an inter-continental tour of cancer centres? First Vancouver, then oncology in Ontario? Was this really going to be a first? It’s difficult enough to psych oneself up for a regular treatment – I’ve told you about my “Tel Hashomer Syndrome”. But as we drove to the hospital, my mind was meandering. Even fantasizing. Could I really be thinking in terms of writing a best-selling book “Guide to Inter-continental  Cancer Centres” – based on personal experience? Come on, I mean we’ve got Lonely Planet, the Michelin Guide…

We get to the oncology department and I’m making mental notes of the differences between Lions Gate and Tel Hashomer. The first thing I notice is the donors’ plaque; a mere four names on the board. Topping the list: “The Estate of Hossein Tehrani”[23] . Then there was the patient-bed and/or couch ratio. About 1:5 at Lions Gate compared to 5:1 on occasions at Tel Hashomer. I’m getting carried away….

How life continues to turn you upside down. The oncology doctor pulls out my blood results from the previous day. For the first time ever, my blood count is too low for a treatment. I’m dumped down to earth with a bang. Literally. It takes more than a moment to get myself together. Then the oncologist, Pam, Keith and I reach the inevitable conclusion – to accept that there will be no treatment.

The dream is impossible. But it’s Valentine’s Day in Vancouver. At least I managed to surprise Pam… but that’s a different story.

[22] In the 1950’s Everton Weeks, Frank Worrell and Clyde Walcott were known in the cricketing world as “The three W’s” from the West Indies. Was there ever such a great sports team or was it an illusion of my youth?

[23] Hossein Tehrani was born in Tehran, Iran (formerly Persia) in 1912 and died February 25th 1974. According to Wikipaedia, he was a musician and father of the “tonbak” – otherwise known as a simple clay vase covered at one end by a skin.


2 Responses to “The Impossible Dream”

  1. Ilan Clive Shachar February 15, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    Surely you didn’t mean to leave out Gary Sobers?

  2. George Taylor April 4, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    I just found a note to myself written a few weeks ago – “Google Martin Peled Blog”
    I cannot remember why I wrote the note.
    Anyway … I’m on my iPhone. Is there anything I can add? A couple of funny ideas. Strong alkali is recommended by ancient Indian medics. A spoonful of baking soda – alkali – has been found to greatly diminish the spread of cancer. Have a look at a site called phkillscancer. A nutty idea that appeals to me is cancer cells – usually removed every day by your immune system – can survive if the immune system is blocked – by a fungus that lives in mammals – candida. If the fungus is flushed out of the cancer with a 5% solution of baking soda your immune system will get rid of the cancer.
    A nutty idea – until you consider that most anti cancer foods are fungicides .. and that most cancers start where the body has a weakness – genetic or otherwise damaged by acid .. tar .. the sun.. a virus .. whatever….
    A chap called Simoncini has written a book called “Cancer is a fungus” which I do not believe – but he has had remarkable success – some self documented on YouTube – with uncurable cancers ..
    All the best

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