Reflexology – Seeing is Believing

22 Dec

Some people just have the touch. My daughter, Tal, is one of them. Her massages make you melt. Then one day, now over a year ago, she volunteered to massage my feet. Until then, touching my toes was too ticklish for my liking.

“Ouch” I said – probably sounding irritated, and not too sympathetic. I explained that I must have trodden on a stone or something, and she was touching a very sensitive part of my foot. I had been diagnosed a few days earlier with cancer and was really not doing well.

Tal takes a look and tells me there’s a spot on my pancreas. I ask her to explain. She brings me a print out of a reflexology print of the foot[7] (see and a mirror. Take a look at this – you have a blue mark – a veritable lump – right on the reflexology point of the pancreas; slightly to the right of slap bang centre of my left foot. And boy was it painful. My weight continued to reduce and the spot continued to grow. A couple of weeks later, my feeding tube was inserted. And almost immediately I started experiencing pain in my left eye (referred pain from the tube pressing on a nerve), and from the second toe on my left foot.

 “Dad, did you know the area on your foot causing you pain is the reflexology point for the eye?” asks my devoted daughter. I find it hard to believe. In the best of British understatements, I’m a bit of a cynic at the best of times. But seeing is believing.

We had to get some sort of authoritative opinion. Well, going to see doctors almost daily at Tel Hashomer made that simple. Except the doctors said they weren’t reflexologists – and weren’t familiar with the pressure points. My condition deteriorated still further and I was hospitalized with, among other things, an infection of the gall bladder – with yet another corresponding painful lump on my foot. More medical opinion close at hand – but no-one thought there was any connection between the spots and my cancer. Finally my feeding tubing was removed. And a day later the pain in my foot started to subside.  My gall bladder got better with antibiotics; that spot on the sole of my foot disappeared.  And the spot on the pancreatic pressure point was marginally smaller. We examined it every day. There was no doubt it was getting smaller and causing less pain. Two months later it had completely disappeared.

I had always dated the turn-around in my condition as coinciding with the removal of the feeding tube.

But what were the reflexology points telling me? For me, seeing is believing. I certainly think differently about alternative medicine today.   

I’d really love to hear your comments on this one.

One Response to “Reflexology – Seeing is Believing”

  1. angiemaus December 31, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    If only more people would take us ‘Crazy Complimentary Therapists’ more seriously!
    As you know my experiences as a Reflexologist have been life changing and if both you and my cynical brother are now advocates of this extraordinary therapy, then there’s hope for many others!!
    Keep massaging Abba’s feet Tal and I’ll take over in April!!

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