Can Cannabis Cure?

7 Dec

Cannabis has made its mark me. Tzachi Klein’s documentary and the relief medical marijuana gave his interviewees, was very impressive.  I must say, I’d never seen myself anywhere near as “ill” or in as much pain as those in his film. I thought I was coping with my pain well enough. This was a new field for me.

As I mentioned, I’ve never taken drugs – not even smoked pot. If the average school teacher had the same charisma and pedagogic skills as my instructor at Abarbanel Hospital (whom I referred to as an ex-junkie in my previous blog) – the Israeli education system might not be the mess it is. And children would certainly be better informed.

“The mood,” he told me, “is what matters most.” You’re not smoking for a high but for the remedial help that cannabis can bring. Pain control, sleep control, relief with bodily functions and movement.  It’s all about mind-set. Be relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience, in controlled quantities and a professional approach. Drink was of the essence – not alcoholic but gentle juices. Lime juice and the like. “Let’s look at what we’re talking about”, he continues. There were a couple of samples on the table. He cuts one open and explains the quality of the leaves – their colour, texture and Government-controlled consistency. Then he cuts open the other – a typical street sample. Even to my untrained eye the difference was striking – seeing is believing. A closer understanding of what goes on in our world. What age do children start smoking? Could they possibly be aware of what they’re buying?

Time to light up. More like a tennis lesson on technique, with the art of breathing thrown in. And then, of course, how to extinguish the remainder; the number of inhalations having been carefully counted. He gave me a few well documented rules and notes to take home. Together with his 24/7 contact numbers. He asked whether I had any questions. I could only think of thanking him. There was a knock at the door. You can leave now – he said. Use the side door – the main door had opened – it was11:40.

Then it hit me. No, I was not seeing naked naughties. It was his language. He had never used the vernacular. No chance of picking up any street jargon or enriching my Ivrit.  He had spoken to me so nicely – in plain and honest  Hebrew. Israel – what a place.

Pip and I walked through into the “shop”. No advertising here. No cigarette packets with Government warnings “Smoking Can Damage Your Health”. Zip-lock looking sandwich bags, neatly packed with medical marijuana – date stamped. And a whole range of ancillary products. I ask for just the “starter package”. I’m reminded that they don’t take cash – just credit cards or personal cheques – together with the original of my police license for “The Holding and Use of Dangerous Substances”.

Pip wheels me back to the car. Not much one can say. We’re on our way home. I gather my girls and tell them all. They’re hanging on my every word. This was such a new experience for us all; none of us know much about drugs.  My family was keen to see me experiment – to safeguard that I could repeat what I had learnt at a later stage if my body and mind might be failing. How Pam and my “kids” – no longer kids by any means – care for me. I lit up in the calm of my home – only to rouse a new sense. Smell. I reminded them that my pain levels were manageable but the smell pervading our living room didn’t fill me with the joys of life. We tried later (according to the pre-determined timetable) in the garden. All that happened was that the procedure irritated me. Maybe I just didn’t want cancer to change my life. I answered my daily follow-up phone call and told my man that it wasn’t “doing it” for me. “No problem – shelve it, safely. Wait till you’re ready,” he replies and reminds me to act responsibly. “The license is in your name for your sole use”.

 Can cannabis cure? Fortunately, my cancer hasn’t needed me to put it to the test.

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  1. dave December 9, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    hi there! thank you for posting this. I understand your point of view and I see where youre coming from. thanks again!

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