Pam’s Perspective

24 Nov



12 o’clock start to my teaching today: oceans of time to get organized, go to supermarket, catch up.  Arrange Martin’s MRI.  Let’s start with that. Call Tel Hashomer – 3 tries (hold on for what seems hours) and finally get through – first apt. end of Dec.  Call our oncologist – too long to wait.  He tells me to get an earlier date. He can’t help.  No-one at TH can help.  Think.  Joanna was at gan with a girl whose mother has top position at Assuta.  Call her.  She’s on to it – she’ll get back to me. In meantime go and pick up new car. We inadvertently set off alarm as we leave, we wait for our expensive alarm company to call us – they don’t.  We leave anyway, after 6 minutes.  Drop Martin at Toyoto to pick up car – the side-effects of his latest treatment are kicking in and his legs are buckling … feel terrible leaving him, but have to organize MRI. Friend’s mom calls back – we have a date, early next week!  Need blood test results and tofes 17. Blood test results are in file at hospital.  Think, think.   Call Oncology nurse.  She prints them out and faxes them.  Call to thank her.  Call Martin’s office to organize Macabbi form – she calls back: needs letter from our dr.  Call him, organize.  Call office back. Shower – while in shower, alarm company calls to ask if all’s okay – one hour too late.  I threaten to report to “Kolbotek.”  The manager calls, but I’m covered in shampoo – I tell him to call again.  (He doesn’t – am I going to contact “Kolbotek?”) Dr. faxes form.  Arrange the Macabbi permission. Phone office to say all’s done.  Martin calls – needs forms for car.  Organize them.  He comes home to pick them up; goes to Post Office. So tired; I feel so bad not going for him, but need to finish admin.  Be’sha’a tova we have new car – but no time to go outside to see it.  Later.  Am teaching at 12.15.  One hour left.  What am I teaching today?  Will think about that soon.  Maybe time for tea?

Try to get different oncologist about possible new trial.  Keep getting put through to wrong dept.  30 mins left – haven’t prepared class.  Eat breakfast while drying hair. Call Tel Hashomer again.  Put phone on loudspeaker and put on make-up. Back to wrong secretary.  Call our own oncologist to tell him about new date – no reply.  Email him.  Martin is home – too tired to talk – he collapses into bed.  Find number of friend he’s invited to join him on golf-course, call and cancel.  Someone phones, wanting to visit us.  Have to be in class in 10 minutes – still not dressed.  Creep into room.  Get ready.  Pour my now-cold tea into plastic cup and think think think what I need for teaching.  Videos; yes. File; got it. Book – oh God, book.  Grab it.  No time to look at new car – 4 minutes till my class begins.  Set off for Beit Berl – Yay! The lights are both green.  Get there with 11 seconds to spare.  What the hell am I teaching today – haven’t prepared.  Think it’s Chaucer’s “Prioress’ Tale’ – ‘k, will be able to wing that.  Run up stairs preparing to explain why I’m leaving my phone on … and … What. Is. This?  – My classroom’s empty.  Check file – right class, right day – did I make a mistake?  See a student – class is cancelled – a concert today – on the lawn, in the rain.  Everyone’s gone home – didn’t I get the SMS?

One Response to “Pam’s Perspective”

  1. Myra levin November 27, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    Pam dear , you are a marvel . I salute your courage , energy and total devotion to seeing to Martin’s needs . All the improvements in Martin’s health , the good days, and the other ones , are only accomplished by this amazing family commitment . It’s quite awsome , and absolutely inspiring .

    Love to you both ,
    Myra and Syd

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